Hello! It’s been a while since I have updated this account. Unfortunately, this account will no longer be active. Truthfully, I have not been keeping up with Running Man for a while now and I feel it would be difficult to answer some questions if I don’t know where they’re coming from. I have considered the thought about giving this blog away, but in the end, I want to keep it as something that both my friend (Chu) and I have worked on and run together for the 8 months that it was active. So with that being said, thank you everyone for the love and support you have given to this blog! It has been a lot of fun and it will definitely be something to look back to.

Don’t walk, keep running! 

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I also want to point out that asking questions through “fan mail” will not count. We’ll only take the ones that are asked through our “Ask” box. (It’s currently closed right now, so please wait till next time.) Sorry guys. ;~;

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If some of you still want to participate in that mini background event that I posted about the other day, I’m changing the rules a little bit .. > You don’t have to draw!

You may simply write a short letter/note if you’d like. Whether it be about the Running Man members, PDs, Guests, or even our blog (askrunningman). It’ll definitely be included. c: Okay, that’s all! 

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The deadline for the Running Man background fanart will be March 16.

c: Have fun.~ 

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askrunningman needs your help!

Some of you may or may not know, but our background has been white for the longest time. I was originally going to draw my own background for the blog, but I thought "Why not ask Runners to help?" 

So this is where I need your help! If any of you want to submit fanart, I’ll gladly compile all the submissions I get and it’ll be set as askrunningman’s background. Of course, it must be Running Man related.


If you want to participate, but you’re stuck on what you should draw. Here’s some things that you can maybe consider: 

The Cast: Jaesuk, Sukjin, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Gary, Jihyo, Gwangsoo, Joongki, Lizzy

The PD/VJs: Kwon Ryul, Maknae FD, PD Cho, etc.

Guests and/or Couples: Any!

And of course, if there is anything else, you can do that as well. 

Please submit your drawings to our Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/askrunningman

If there are further questions, contact Taro at her Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Rainssi

Thank you!!

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Little World: Running Man Related Blog & Page


Running Man

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